Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Goals

So I'm going to attempt to link up with Erica's Edventures and post about my New Year's Goals. I'm not much of a resolution person, but goals are good.
I'm terrible at keeping resolutions and to be honest I haven't set any resolutions in years. I have however thought about some goals I have for this year. So here goes!
One goal here is to make my kids happy little learners. I'm so tired of all the drill and practice. I want to encourage creativity in learning. I have been perusing the web for more ideas and I've been going back to my first years of teaching and trying to reinvent some of the things I did to fit our standards today. I plan to communicate better with my parents as well. Sure, I send newsletters, emails, progress reports, and I answer any questions they have, but I need to take the time to really communicate with them. I also want to do a better job of really helping and listening to other teachers in my school. Sure I share everything I make with them, but sometimes I think I am so busy trying to do ten different things that I don't really listen and really help.
Personal goals include spending quality time with my husband and kids. When my husband graduated from college last spring and went back to work, it seems that our family time really suffered. We love to go to the mountains, window shop at the mall, and go to parks. It seems that the second half of this year really flew by! We did go to a pumpkin farm and a few other places, but it seemed like it was a rushed day. I want to really be there for them. Another personal goal is to do much better with time management. I tend to spend way too much time on games and Facebook. I know that time can be better spent with my family or creating for TPT.
This is really a huge topic in our house right now. My husband and I agree that we need to make some major changes for ourselves and our kids. We don't have goals such as "lose x number of pounds" but to eat healthier in general. We already don't go out to eat a lot, I cook at least five nights a week, but since finding out our son is gluten and dairy intolerant, our meals (and grocery budget!) have changed dramatically. A big challenge in cooking gluten and dairy free is not relying on the commercially made items in the grocery store. Many are full of oils and fats that are unnecessary.
We have discussed our financial goals for this year and have put ourselves back on a budget via The Dave Ramsey plan. We were very successful using this years ago and are going back to it. We have big plans to take the family to Disney this year and hopefully to Europe in a few years. I know that my little Teachers Pay Teachers Store is going to help here. So I guess my personal goal of creating for TPT will bleed over to our financial goals. So there they are. Some of my goals for this year. Of course the list isn't inclusive, but it's a start.

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